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Christian Health Insurance

Are these programs a scam or a legitimate way to be helped out? Medical Bill Sharing Ministries popped up all over the country during the 1990s. What these programs do is their entire "congregation" gives them their medical bills. The ministry takes it all and adds it up, then divides by the amount of people they have in their group. Then everyone kicks in to pay. This closely ties in with the Bible, with usage of carrying other's burdens.

Some of these programs are not legitimate because they may not have sufficient funds to pay all of the bills they have stockpiled. Then you have a problem of money being paid to these facilities, and no money going to bills. A lot of these companies have been sued for fraudulent acts. People have been confused by these programs, thinking they are great for the fact that it is basically low cost insurance, but what do you do when you've paid in money and your bills were not paid?

Medical Bill Sharing Ministries and Taxes

These facilities are protected from paying some state taxes, federal taxes, and are protected under the First Amendment, as well as being protected from several states’ insurance laws. These programs also do not have to file public financial statements.

These programs could be very beneficial, if they have the funds to accurately keep the bills paid, but the concern of a lot of people is that these organizations may just pocket the funds and be a "fly by night" type of company, so to speak. There are only a select handful of these companies that are legitimate and have enough funds to support their members.

One Thing You Should Know about This Christian Health Coverage

If you are considering using one of these programs to help you with your medical bills, be aware that this is NOT medical insurance, it is known as a bill sharing program. Also, research the company, check online to see if there are any fraudulent remarks, or any glowing remarks from other users.

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